Zuzana Burivalova – PI


I am the Principal Investigator of the Sound Forest Lab. I am a tropical forest ecologist and conservation scientist, based in the department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology and The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where I am an assistant professor. Previously, I was a NatureNet post-doctoral research fellow at Princeton University and The Nature Conservancy.

I look for ways to protect biodiversity in tropical forests, both forests that are used by humans, for example for logging, and forests set aside for conservation, from national parks to small community protected areas. I try to answer tricky questions in tropical forest ecology using new technologies, such as through recording soundscapes, where traditional field methods aren’t enough. I also work with the environmental news platform Mongabay on understanding which conservation strategies succeed and fail in tropical forests. I feel privileged to have worked in the tropical forests of Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Borneo.

Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
University of Wisconsin Madison, Madison WI, USA


ETH Zürich – PhD in tropical forest conservation and ecology (2015)

Université de Genève – MSc in environmnetal science (2011)

Oxford University – BA in Biological Sciences (2008)


You can see a list of my publications also on Google Scholar.

Burivalova, Z., Game, E.T., Wahyudi, B., Rifqi, M., MacDonald, E., Cushman, S., Voigt, M., Wich, S., Wilcove, D.S. 2020. Does biodiversity benefit when the logging stops? An analysis of conservation risks and opportunities in active versus inactive logging concessions in Borneo. Biological Conservation: 241.

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