Opportunities to the join the Sound Forest Lab! (where science for biodiverse and equitable forests is done)

Lab leader: Zuzana Burivalova (Assistant Professor)

In the newly established Sound Forest lab, we do ecology and conservation research for biodiverse and equitable Forests, with a focus on the tropical forests. The Sound Forest Lab is based at the University of Wisconsin Madison, in two departments: The Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, and The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

At the moment, the lab is not seeking new applications for lab-funded graduate or postdoc positions for the next academic year – please check back in a few months. However, if you have your own fellowship, I would be happy to discuss.

Disciplines: The Sound Forest lab relies on many disciplines to solve difficult conservation issues, and so we welcome applicants and collaborators from almost any disciplinary background, as long as they are happy to find out how their expertise can translate to conservation science. The list includes, but is not limited to ecology, environmental sciences, conservation biology, computer science, data science, statistics, social science, behaviour psychology, geography, physics, engineering, science communication. Conservation science needs people from all countries, backgrounds, genders, and life experiences!

The Sound Forest Lab research agenda:

  1. Borneo and Gabon Bioacoustic Projects – Understanding the natural variation in soundscapes over space and time, and under anthropogenic influence in Southeast Asia (Borneo) and the Congo basin (Gabon).
  2. Soundscape tool for biodiversity monitoring in certified forests – Developing a simple tool to measure how well individual certified forest concessions are doing in terms of biodiversity conservation.
  3. Conservation Effectiveness Project – Making sense of the scientific evidence on how well different conservation strategies work and transforming the wall between conservation science and practice.

See https://burivalova.wordpress.com/ for examples of projects.


Our lab can offer research experience in bioacoustics and conservation science, during the semester as well as in the summer. Email me if you are interested.