Borneo bioacoustics

Free school lessons about Borneo bioacoustics!

While we were in the Indonesian part of Borneo busy recording the rainforest soundscapes with colleagues from The Nature Conservancy, a film crew (people’s tv) and the Nature Works Everywhere team spent a few days with us collecting material for a school lesson on biodiversity, bioacoustics, and tropical forest conservation, and other Important Things in This World. The materials for teachers and students are freely available online. Here is the introductory video:

And here is a story map that explains it all.

Research project

Following up on our Papua New Guinea bioacoustic study, we have begun listening to the forests of Borneo. At a large scale. We are learning about what the primary forest, logged forest, oil palm plantations, and acacia plantations sound like, at over 100 different locations in the Indonesian part of Borneo, in East Kalimantan. Here are examples of the habitats we recorded the soundscapes in:

This project is in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and the Queensland University of Technology. Check out my poster for preliminary results!

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